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Our History
Dongguan Yinrui Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd.was founded in 2006,YINRUI has focused on top quality glass machinery for 14 years in China.We started as a small workshop,but now have become one of the leading enterprise in the glass machinery in China,esp. in glass cutting field.
Our Factory
Our factory lies in the most vital city of China in economy -- Dongguan City.We have advanced manufacturing equipment,best technology.Our sales network has spread over the whole country and is further spreading all over the world.
Our Product
Our main products
1. Automatic ultrathin glass cutting machine;
2. Automatic ultrathin glass cutting process line;
3. CNC ultrathin glass cutting machine;
4. TFT glass cutting machine;
5. Automatic positioning glass cutting machine;
6. Air-knife automatic glass washing machine;
7. Glass turning machine;
8. Glass loading machine;
9. Glass beveling machine
We supply glass machinery all over the globe to a wide range of companies worldwide, ranging from large multinational organizations to small individual companies.
Product Application
Our products are widely used in the glass processing industry,esp.for ultra-thin glass field:
1. Cover lens for cellphone;
2. Touch panel for smart machine;
3. The control panel for cars;
4. Panel for smart watch;
5. Tempered protector for mobile phone;
6. TFT;
7. Cosmetic mirror;
8. Photo frame.鈥?/p>
Our Certificate
1. We have always believed that the success of our company is directly related to the quality of the products we provide.
2. Product research and development and continuous exploration, optimization is the guarantee of quality.
3. Over the years, we have put a lot of effort and money into product qualification, certification and patents.
Production Equipment
Precision cutting equipment needs precision processing and testing equipment as backing, our company has advanced lathe, milling machine, CNC engraving machine and other precision equipment, as well as two dimensional measuring instrument and laser marking machine.
Production Market
Our customers come from the domestic market and overseas market.
鈼?Overseas markets accounted for 25% of the total.
鈼?South Asia: 10%
鈼?Germany: 5%
鈼?Southeast Asia: 5%
鈼?North America: 3%
鈼?Others: 2%
Our Service
Pre-sale Service: Our foreign trade sales staff will provide detailed equipment parameters and plans according to the specific situation of customers.
Sales Service: Sign a contract with the customer, clearly stipulate the rights and obligations of both parties, complete the production task in strict accordance with the customer's requirements with both quality and quantity guaranteed, and inform the customer of the accurate delivery date in advance.
After-sales Service: Communicate with customers in advance about the site requirements and matters needing attention of the equipment. After the goods arrive, guide customers to install and use the equipment. For special equipment, technicians will be arranged to install and train them.During the service period, if the equipment fails, we will arrange technicians for video technical guidance.For the consumables needed by the equipment, we will remind the customer to prepare the goods properly to keep the equipment in normal use.We will regularly communicate with customers, do return visits, ask about the use of equipment.China Straight Flange round edge machine

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