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XGZ automatic delivering system is composed of silo, driving system, PVC tube, quality auger and so on, and is well-sealed. It increase management efficiency, reduce cross-infection and realize high automation of production process in the whole farm.
Qingdao Xinguangzheng Steel Structure Co., Ltd. is a professional poultry equipment company, integrating R&D, design, manufacturing, engineering and installation of modern scientific breeding. The company has always been committed to using the most advanced science and technology to develop and customize product solutions for the global animal husbandry equipment industry, providing complete technical support, from family farms to complete sets of composite commercial farms, and the best solutions, and have always maintained with the markets of various countries close communication and cooperation.
The company formed a chicken house & equipment system project research and development team with elite technicians. Through project research and study, chicken house atlas decomposition optimization, and scientific and professional internal and external training, it formed a uniquely superior chicken coop standardization series.

The production link is equipped with advanced processing and testing equipment, and the key components of the product are all well-known domestic brands. The new structure design makes the product function more reasonable and more convenient to use.

Perfect engineering installation team and after-sales service team always adhere to the purpose of customer satisfaction.
Received high recognition and appreciation from customers at home and abroad.Broiler Feeding System suppliers


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