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The idler is made of high quality steel by special process. The casting and forging processes meet different requirements. Finish machining makes the surface of idler smooth and accurate in size. Special heat treatment is adopted to improve the hardness and crack resistance of idler. The roller pin is also heat treated to ensure good hardness during working time.
KOMATSUPC20; PC30; PC40; PC60-5; PC75; PC78UU; PC100-5; PC200-5; PC200-7; PC300;
PC300-7; PC360-7; PC400
HITACHIZAX55; ZAX200; ZAX240; EX60-2; EX60; EX70; EX120; EX200-2; EX200-3; EX300-5; EX400; EX150
BOBCATE70B; E305.5; E120B; E312; E320; E324; E325; E330B; E330C; E345
SUMITOMOSH60; SH75A3; SH120; SH120A3; SH200; SH240; SH350
KOBELCOSK200; SK230; SK200-8; SK250-8; SK330; SK460; SK270; SK120; SK130-8; SK140;
SK60-5; SK60; SK045SR; SK042-1; SK042-2; SK045
KATOHD250; HD450; HD700; HD1250; HD1430
DAEWOODH55; DH80; DH150; DH220-5; DH258; DH300
HYUNDAIR60-5; R60-7; R80; R130; R250-9; R200; R225-7; R290; R305; R455
YANMARYC35; YC60; YC75; YC85; YC100; YC135
VOLVOEC55; EC210; EC240; EC290; EC360; EC140; EC700
OTHERJBT60; U-85; LG60; LG60B; IHI60; IHI50J; H45; DX60; DX260; SY200; VIO30 etc.
If you can't find model which you need in this catalog, please contact us and tell us your request.
Our idler parts size only adapt to our idler. Because every manufacture have different standard of each products. If you need to know is it available for your items, please contact us.
Produce process
Q1: You are manufacture or trading company?
A1: We are manufacture.
Q2: Which packages terms you used?
A2: We offer wooden pallets or boxes, plywood pallets or boxes.
Q3: Which export port is your delivery?
A3: Xiamen port.
Q4: Which certificate you can offer?
A4: Certificate of original, Form E, Form A and the relevant certifications from CCPIT.
Q5: Which countries you have exported?
A5: We have exported to Russia, Malaysia, Thailand, Kuwait etc.Excavator Idler price

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