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Automatic distillation is to use multiple program-controlled valves to automatically control the start-up, liquid collection, purification and oxygen charging of the fractionator锛?br/>
(1) Due to the adoption of multiple pneumatic control valves and multi-point logic analysis control system, the core operation of fractionator can realize unattended and automatic operation;
(2) Automatic patrol and alarm for many temperature points;
(3) It can collect, analyze and predict the multi-point pressure value, realize logic regulation, interlock, alarm and emergency treatment, and avoid potential safety hazard caused by human misoperation;
(4) Liquid product purity and multi-point temperature, pressure, gas linkage analysis and judgment, to achieve optimal regulation, avoid manual operation fluctuations;
(5) High pressure liquid pump with frequency conversion is used in the whole set of equipment, which makes the liquid level in the tower stable by frequency conversion speed regulation, greatly improves the quality of distillation and reduces the workload of operators.Air Separation Plant for sale


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