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Product franchise stores are everywhere now, and the market feedback is also very good. A good product franchise store must have its own originality, which is called competitiveness. Then how to run a good product franchise store, let YOYOSO tell you: the mistakes that should be avoided in running product franchise stores.
1. Blind pursuit of commodity profit rate
Every business operator chooses this project only when they are interested in the characteristics of low investment and high profit of product franchise store. However, many business operators only remember to make profits and forget the business policy of product franchise store: good quality and low price. Therefore, when they choose to purchase goods, they can't choose some goods with low price but low quality and poor style for profit, Because the sales volume of these goods to the store will not be very good, and it is easy to produce the situation of unsalable and accumulated goods, and the gain is not worth the loss; when pricing the goods, you can't order as much as you want, according to the consumption ability of the local consumers, if the style and quality of the goods go up, but the price is also very high, it will make the consumers flinch, and affect the income of the product franchise store.
2. The store is decorated at will or not
The decoration of product franchise stores should not be the same as other traditional stores. Just brush a layer of white paint and start shopping on the shelves. The decoration of the store is a person's facade. If the decoration of the store is too simple, consumers will lose their interest in shopping in the store. There are certain skills when choosing the store address, Try not to choose intersections, one-way streets and subway entrances where the flow of people is unstable, because people in these places usually don't have time to shop because they have to catch red lights and subway.
3. Decoration: luxury decoration makes you suffer a lot
Some people say that since the product franchise store can't be decorated too simply, then I can install a little luxury. In fact, this is not necessary. First, if the decoration is too luxurious, the cost is too high, and it's not very cost-effective. After all, the product franchise store relies on volume to make profits, and the too luxurious decoration will make consumers have a sense of disobedience; We say that the decoration should be simple and atmosphere, and have certain attraction in the color match at the door, which will arouse the curiosity of consumers, so as to enter the store to watch and produce consumption; the decoration in the store should be able to create a warm shopping environment for consumers, improve the shopping experience of consumers, so that more consumers will come to the store for consumption, and give the store higher profits
Some misunderstandings should be avoided in the operation of product franchise stores: the above introduction is not comprehensive enough, investors still need to decide according to their own actual situation, if you have any questions, you can consult our online customer service to answer for you.Buy Seasonal Products

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