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Size Specification
Wire Shelf18鈥?24鈥?18鈥?30,18鈥?36鈥?18鈥?42鈥? 18鈥?48鈥?18鈥?54鈥?18鈥?60鈥?18鈥?72鈥?br/> 24鈥?24鈥?24鈥?30,24鈥?36鈥?24鈥?42鈥? 24鈥?48鈥?24鈥?54鈥?24鈥?60鈥?24鈥?72鈥?/p>
Wire Diameter5.0/3.5/3.0mm (Light duty)
6.0/4.5/4.0mm (Heavy duty)5.8/4.0/3.2mm(American style)
Post Diameter25.4*1.2mm
Post Height72鈥?74鈥?86鈥?/p>
Surface Treatment
Powder coating
Chrome plating
Zinc plating
Zinc plating plus powder coating
Zinc plating plus transparent powder coating
Click the below link from You Tube to see the automatic plan welding process .
Wide Application
Other Feature
To be used as wall-mounted tray
To be used as a logistic movable cart
Shipment in Container
Our Certificate
1.Where is your product use in?
Our 6 tier wire shelving rack is mainly used in supermarket, retail stores and house to display and store staffs.
2.What machines you have in your factory?
Laser cutting machine, automatic plane welding machine, NC bending machine, steel wire cutting and drawing machine, steel wire spot welding machine etc.
3.Do you have QC department?
Yes,we have 6 QC persons
4.What is the turnover in 2016
It is about 4 million US dollars.
5.Do you have a showroom?
Yes, showroom with full range of products.China Metal Wire Shelving


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