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Our History
With its factory established in 2007, Funotex is independent from its factory, dedicated to offering best garment OEM service only for overseas market.
Through an over 15 years long cooperation with various well known outdoor clothing brands,Funotex established a well-trained service team, in which people has been well educated and practised even in workshop. In Funtotex, each merchandiser can sew a cloth, so they understand what workers think and what customers need. While skilled QC and technician full of experience is a must in Funotex, to guarantee the best quality we could offer.
Located in Xiamen, Fujian China, it fortunately is in a area with perfect garment industry chain, fast reaction and flexibility is our strength. Closed to Taiwan/Japan, Funotex
has firm relationship with various fabric mills from Taiwan and Japan, that makes high performance/technical clothing an easy job for Funotex.
"In a world where all of us are part of algorithms, to do what we are strong in is a cool thing."
Our Factory
At Funotex, we understand as a reliable vendor, sufficient productio  n capacity is very crucial.To assure our customers with on time delivery and good quality, Funotex has two ways to realize. First, it expands its factory in 2017, its woven factory moved into its own factory building, concentrating on technical woven garments
manufacturing. While its branch workshop in the same province is always a strong backup when peak season comes. In Xiamen, Funotex has strong relationships with various cooperative factories including knitting factories who
have supported Funotex for many years.
Funotex has woven factories, who are specialized in seam taped jackets, ski wear, puffer jacket, and are authorized factories for Supreme down jacket, Alpha industries bomber jacket, Rossignol ski wear, etc.
And it has knitting factories, who are specialized in knitting wear such as fleece jacket, sherpa jacket, cotton pullover, knit sweater etc.
Funotex upgrades its equipment every year. In the past few years, more and more advanced and intelligent equipment such as auto-down filling, quilting, cutting, bonding equipments were put into our production lines.
Customers we cooperate with
Street Brands: Supreme, Alpha industries, Snipes, Karl Kani
Outdoor Brands: Sport Group Danmark, Sport 2000, Out North, Mini A Ture kids wear, K2锛孯ossignol, Hannah
Hunting Brands: Northern Hunting, Hunter Lodge, PIRSCHERS
Our Certificates
As a manufacturer, we always care about social responsibility and sustainability, we cooperate with customers to offer best conditions for our workers, and offer eco friendly materials for the costumers.
Certificates we have are: BSCI, COSTCO audit, REACH, BLUESIGN, OEKOTEX 100, Global Recycle Standard(GRS), GOTS, RDS, PFC free Eco friendly fabric, Bionic finishing.
We update our certificates every year.
Supply Chain
Funotex established a great and strong supply chain worldwide, from yarn to fabric, from zipper to trims, our strong supply chain supports us to offer the best sourcing experience for our valued customers, with any kind of sourcing ideas in textile field.
Funotex is dedicated to creating a superior supply chain of garment industry that combines the latest scientific advances in fabric, trims, printing, embroidery, with elegant and fashion-conscious designs. Making your brands unique, looks great while is still with high performance. Fabric mills cooperated with Funotex well understand what our buyers need, every season they enthusiasticly develope and innovate their products continously.
To be a flexible manufacturer for some special programs, funotex never refuses small qty, we have flexibility to customize materials with small qty with reasonable upcharge,
in some cases we even don't request upcharge as it's convenient for us to source from open markets for some materials such as regular stock fabrics.
Quality Control
To assure our valuable customers of perfect production, Funotex has its internal system to control both materials and garments quality.
鈼?nbsp;Material Control
Besides regular check from our factory warehouse, Funotex always analyses and determines the necessity for checking needful items. For example, for shell fabric, we established an internal labtorary, to make precheck for any risky fabric, to get tear strength, sealing fastness(in order to get right temperature and pressure values), colour fastness etc. For any risky trims even just normal stopper, we will check it's inner metal spring's elastic resillence.
鈼?nbsp;Production Control
At the begining of development, even there is still a long way before production begins, Funotex has a timeline control for every single style, in this way, the management team and merchandiser know what is the most updated status and those "charts" will alert them if there might be any delay.
Despite our QC people's continuous working on the spot, Funotex's merchandiser goes to the workshops frequently, to check randomly their production or sample in charge.From their angle,they usually would see some different points which are different from our QCs.Down Jacket factory


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