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This product has been excellent engineers carefully study design, the use of microcomputer control of optical technology, high accuracy, fast, good quality, solve the traditional tea packaging tedious process.
An automatic dosers several labor equivalent amount of tea production and tea shop is a good helper.
Uses: Suitable for tea, food, food, seeds, fruit, grain shape chemicals and pharmaceuticals, micro and small components such as general non-sticky solid materials.
1. The machine control by microcomputer,precise and accurate dispensing,fully automated dispensing process.
2.Made of stainless steel,no contaminated material.
3.The filling speed is adjustable
4. Small size and low noise
Filling speed :10-25 times(depending on materials and different aliquots weight)
Scope: general particulate material
Dimensions: 42 脳 30脳 55cm
Power supply: 220V/110V
Power: 50W
Filling Weight : 0 - 25g, 0 - 99g, 0 to 200g (range of different specifications can be customized)
Filling Accuracy:0 - 0.2g (depending on material)Semi-automatic Filling Machine in stock

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