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3.5" stainless steel paring knife
Now featuring a more acute edge angle, the high-carbon steel blade cuts with razor sharpness, is easy to maintain and holds its edge for longer.
Paring knife with riveted handle
Full tang is triple riveted to the handle for exceptional durability and control.
Ergonomic handle is fade-resistant polymer with rounded edges, for a comfortable fit that feels like an extension of your hand.
Our Factory
Found Year:2010 for factory established. 2016 for overseas exported
LocationGuangdong Yanggjiang
Main productsKitchen knife, scissors, kitchenware, kitchen gadgets
Workers200 workers
Design, R&D DPT6 people
Sales12 people
Main machinePunching Machine, Grinding Machine, Drilling Machine, Cutting Machine, Injection Machine, Polishing Machine, etc
Quality control14 people
Meeting RoomWholesale Kitchen Knife

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