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Wood Crafts

    Wooden Crafts are the artistic practice of shaping and decorating wooden objects. India is famous for wooden handicrafts. Skilled craftsmen of each state create handicrafts using wood that is available locally. The most common varieties used to make Indian handicrafts are teak, sheesham, sal, oak, mango, ebony and mahogany. Sandalwood, rosewood and walnut are the exotic varieties and are expensive and are used in producing fine pieces of furniture and decorative items. There has been a complete revival of the traditional and antique wood craft, owning to its uniqueness and demand in India and abroad. Indian artisans are experimenting with designs to create a blend of traditional and modern woodcraft. Each piece of Indian wooden handicraft is a labor of love, sweat, and patience, which no machine can replicate.

    Wooden Toys and games are winning mass of quality these days. The wooden toys and games are put up in innovative as well as classical types that are energizing and thought-provoking for everyone to examine their power. A heavy number of attractively fashioned wooden toys and games will offer hours of amusement. They are designed with exquisitely workmanship and paragon for people of all age-groups.

    Designed with expert workmanship, wooden toys have arrived at immense popularity and are perfect for people of all generation. The most widely playacted wooden toys and games are wooden chess and wooden carrom board. The wooden toys are carefully carved and attractively designed engaging a special place in lots of families. Wooden toys and games are meant for kids and adults both, and are perfect items for gifting purpose. They are handcrafted with extreme care to have an eye-catching visual aspect. They provide durable fun and are designed to germinate coordination and imagery power among children. The most widely played wooden toys and games are wooden chess and carrom-board. In order to make them easier to carry while traveling, they are available in wooden box which makes them excellent for gift items.

    Festival Wooden Crafts are very popular. Many companies prefer to give away various wooden gift items as corporate gifts as they are durable and elegant. When wooden items are purchased in wholesale from suppliers or exporters, they prove to be very cost effective. In fact, when companies directly deal with the wooden gift manufacturers, they save a lot of money by avoiding the middlemen in suplly chain. However, wooden corporate gifts might be procured on cheap rates, they always look more expensive due to craftsmanship of the artisans as well as because wood itself is considered to be an expensive medium to make craft items. They can be offered on various occasions including retirement , transfer or anniversary etc. They help in encouraging and motivating people who really deserve to be appreciated. It helps in minimizing attrition rate as well as staff turn over. Wooden gift items cam also be customized as per the requirement of various companies.

    Acrylic Charms are made with a solid, clear acrylic material that can be printed in full color and cut to any shape. Acrylic charms feature a small 0.085” (~2mm) cut hole for creating your own keychains, jewelry and more. These Acrylic Crafts have been a real hit! Acrylic charms consist of either one layer of acrylic board with an epoxy-covered image on top (or on bottom, if you prefer the acrylic layer over the front and epoxy on back), or two layers of board with the image sandwiched in between. The image itself can be one-sided or two sided.

    Acrylic Rhinestones are so attractive! When we go shopping in department stores or walk on the road, we often see various shapes and sizes of rhinestones on shoes, bags, jewelry, and even displays. The rhinestones are colorful and shiny, and it is difficult to ignore them. Rhinestones are not diamonds; they are a simulation of diamonds. Since diamonds are natural and are formed under high pressure and high-temperature conditions deep in the earth, often taking a long time to form, they are scarce and very expensive. Rhinestones are artificial and have the sparkling, dazzling effect of diamonds. Therefore, when rhinestones could be manufactured in large quantities, people began to use rhinestones as decorations for jewelry, clothing and other accessories.

    Forty years ago, the sending and receiving of Christmas Greeting Cards were one of the steps in declaring adulthood and establishing one’s own home. Part of becoming an adult was communicating the year’s events to family and friends.

    In the Christmas letter that went with the card, there was some bragging about the good things in one’s life but it was also a vehicle to let people know about deaths or difficulties.

    As Christmas became more about persuading consumers to buy, greeting card companies understood this. They grew their sales by offering greater varieties of cards, including boxed sets and charitable cards. Businesses began sending greeting cards to each other as a thank you for the work done together that year.

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