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Red Tilapia
Freshwater and brackish water inhabitants. Lives in warm, weedy pools of sluggish stream, canals and ponds. It mainly occurs at temperatures ranging from 8鈩僼o 42鈩?in the daytime.

Tilapia has three famous species
Blue Tilapia
Mozambique Tilapia which is also called as Red
Nile Tilapia which is also called as Black
Product Specification
PartA. Whole Round
B. Gutted & Scaled
C. Gutted & Scaled & Gilled
D. Cleaned (gutted & gilled & scaled & fins off & tail off)
Freezing ProcessA.BQF(Block Quick Frozen)
B.IQF(Individually Quick Frozen)
Size100-200g, 200-300g,300-500g,400-600g, 500-800g, 800g+
N.W.100%, 90%, 80%.
TypesFor Market Sale
PackageIWP,Bulk Frozen
4kg ctn, 6kgctn, 10kg ctn or 40lbs/ctn.
Red Tilapia arose from African and Mediterranean countries and have been cultivated around the world in both temperate and tropical regions. They have white meat with a mild flavor and firm texture. This fish cooks quickly and can be cooked in all kinds of ways whether it is baking, grilling, poaching or steaming. Marinating with a light sauce, topping it with lime-butter, or simply seasoning with salt are some delicious ways to flavor the fish.
Flavor/Dietary information: Mild flavor; firm texture Preparation: Pan-fried, Broiled, Baked, Braised
1. For Brain Development
2. Helps in Weight Loss
3. Good for Heart
4. Helps in Strong Bones
5. Antiaging ability
6. Act Against Prostate Cancer
7. Helps in Wounds Healing
Q1: Does your company accept mixed orders?
A: Yes. Our company accepts orders of mixed categories, but less than three items are better.
Q2: How long is your company's history and how can I trust you?
A: Our company has 30 years history in processing fish. And Caharbor food has over ten years' experience in import and export. We are the gold supplier in China seafood. You can see our logo in many Asia country such Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, etc.
Q3: Can I visit your company on the spot before deciding whether to continue cooperation?
A: Welcome absolutely. You can contact our salesman or manager, we will arrange meeting, take u visit our working office and introduce our more details to know us well. China Tilapia


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