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The 3D EPS sandwich wire mesh panel is made of flame retardant polystyrene foam core, with 2 cold drawn wire mesh on both sides and oblique wire cross welding. It can replace brick walls for internal and external walls, floors, balconies, staircases and roof panels, especially suitable for filling walls and building storey of frame structures.
CompositionWire mesh + foam core
Mesh wire size50*50mm-200*200mm
Mesh wire diameter1.8-2.5mm, 2.5-3.5mm
Mesh wire surface treatmentGalvanized or non-galvanized
EPS panel width1200mm
EPS insulation core30-150mm or as customer's request
a. Easy Installation: no specified skills are involved, erection instruction documents will be provided.
b. Easy Decoration: tiles can be applied direct on the surface board of the panel & can be spiked, drilled, install setscrew at any point.
c. Save Space: Compared with traditional 120mm brick, a 75mm Multi-Space Wall Panel can add 4-6% usable area.
d. High Strength: Can be used in high buildings (No deformation & No cracking).
e. Anti-seismic & Impact-resistance: with scientific structure (alveolus inner structure).
f. Environmental friendly: without any harmful substance.
g. Energy conservative: recycled used.
h. Light Weight:1/6 of normal brick wall.
i. Water Proof & Moisture Proof: excellent protection for damp circumstance.
j. Sound Insulation:42dB of sound insulation rating.
k. Heat Insulation: integration of polystyrene concrete, fly ash etc, high sound reflection.
Q: How about the delivery time?
A: Within 15-30 days after receiving the deposit. Of course, the detail will be confirmed by the quantity and the different products.
Q: What鈥檚 is your shipping service?
A: We can provide services for vessel booking, goods consolidation, customs declaration, shipping documents preparation and delivery bulk at the shipping port.
Q: What鈥檚 your term of the delivery?
A: Our ordinary delivery term is FOB Shanghai. We also accept EXW, CFR, CIF, DDP, DDU etc. We can offer you the shipping charges and you can choose the one which is the most convenient and effective for you.
Q. How can we get a quote?
A: Can contact us by mail, WhatsApp, Wechat with your requests and detailed specification: such as steel grade, size, quantity, surface finishing, etc.EPS Sandwich Panel Made in China


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