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Company Profile
Zhejiang Yanshi New Materials Co., Ltd. is a large-scale and diversified company in the construction industry. Over the years, under the scientific management methods, strong technical force and excellent construction equipment, the company has actively contracted projects, carefully organized construction and undertaken many excellent projects. In addition, it has offices in many large and medium-sized cities across the country and has a perfect sales and service network. The main businesses are permeable concrete reinforcing agent, colored asphalt toner, ceramic particles, Stamped concrete, PVC floor glue production and stadium floor layer, which includes silicon pu basketball court, acrylic tennis court, artificial lawn football field, and plastic runway construction in sales. The project covers all provinces in the country.
After several years of successful transformation, our company has established a strategic pattern of basing itself on China, radiating the world and expanding overseas. With its large number of engineering and technical personnel, marketing and management personnel, high-quality products and good reputation in the industry, the company ensures the timely completion of various projects and the start of after-sales service and renewal of insurance.Setaky Pervious Concrete Adhesive factory


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